• 30FT Ammonium nitrate tank container

Name:30FT Ammonium nitrate tank container
Tank container type:30 Feet
Tank load medium:Ammonium nitrate
Tank volume:30,000 Liters
Load and unload type:Bottom type
Design pressure:1.1MPA

Product Description

30FT Ammonium nitrate tank container

The tank container made up of two parts of the frame and tanker.The container is transported by special container semi-trailer. Some areas in the country use thistransportation can made cost down.

The tanker is round shape, equipped with a dedicated standard valves,safety technology standards unified, reliable quality.

   ISO 30FT Ammonium nitrate tank container
Technical parameter of tank container
Product Name 30 feet beam tank container
Outer dimensionsmm 9125x2438x2591
Working temperature() -70---170
Insulating performance Design according to user’s requirement
Water testing pressure(MPa) 0.6 0.9
Insulating materials and thicknessmm Design according to user’s requirement
Heating way Design according to user’s requirement
Capacitym3 20/24/26/30/35/40/50/55 According to users requirement
Host materials Carbon steel Q235B,stainless steel304/316L
Thickness of shell materialsmm 5mm or 6mm
Thickness of Seal Head materialsmm 6mm or 8mm
Corner post materials 16Mn
Manhole cover, Breather valve, Foot valve Domestic made or imported

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