• SHACMAN 25000 liters fuel tanker

Name:SHACMAN 25000 liters fuel tanker
Tanker capacity:25000 Liters
Compartment:5 compartments,each 5000 Liters
Design standard:ADR standard design
Tank material:Carbon steel,Aluminum alloy,stainless steel option
Drive type:6x4(10 wheels)
Truck engine power:380HP Weichai Engine

Product Description

SHACMAN 25,000 liters fuel tanker truck

According to the characteristics of medium, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials can be selected as the materials forthe tank.

Tank is a sealed loading container,it can be a whole cabin,or a multiple of independent cabins divided according to a certain volume. 

The operator can climb up to the tank top through the stairs in the tank front or back and conduct the necessary operation. 

The upper tank is installed with manholes, breathing valve, top filling and ventilation can be conducted through the manhole. 

The manhole can enable the operators to enter the tank for maintenance and cleaning,the breathing valves can keep the pressure balance between internal and external tank so as to prevent the tank pressure from being too high or too low, even damage the tank.

Our company SHACMAN 25CBM fuel tanker truck installation diagram

ADR 25000 liters fuel tanker

DONGTE ADR Standard Gasline/Fuel Tank Trailers/Diesel Tanker Trailer ----- Description

Volume: 25


Tank body: 5mm

End plate: 6mm

Wave-proof plate: 5mm


ADR fuel tanker configuration

Compartments: 5 set

Manhole cover: 5 set

API valves(Discharge Valve): 5 Set, 3 inch

Bottom valve: 5 sets, 4 inch

Vapor recovery valve: 5 sets,each compartment with 1 set

Anti-flow probe:5 sets,each compartment fit anti-flow probe


Tool box: 1pcs

Spare tire carrier: 1 pcs

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