• 42000 liters Aluminum fuel tank semi-trailer

Name:42000 liters Aluminum fuel tank semi-trailer
Tanker capacity:42000 Liters
Tanker material:Aluminum alloy 5083 or 5454
No.of axle:3
Tire specification:385/65R22.5,total 6 tires
Suspension type:Air suspension
Tank design standard:ADR,DOT or clients required
Tank compartment:2 compartments

Product Description


42000 Liters aluminum alloy fuel tank semi-trailer also called fuel tank semi-trailer,Aluminum fuel tanker,aluminum tanker for gasoline,

petrol tank semi-trailer,diesel tanker,aluminum crude oil tank semi-trailer.

As the main product in our factory, we had a remarkable sales growth in the past year,we continuously sum up experiences in produce,

practice,and have made an improvement on its machining process. 

We have been always committed to provide our valuable client the best quality product at the most reasonable price and hence always 

been succeed to come up to their expectations.

42M3 aluminum alloy fuel tank semi-trailer specifications

A. Tank description

Tank material:        Aluminum alloy 5083 or 5454,tank body:6mm,tank shell cover:8mm

Tank shape:           Oval,2 compartments,each is 21,000 Liters

B. Spare parts

Manhole:                20 inches x2 sets

Bottom valve:         2 sets 4 inches bottom valve,connect with bottom pipeline x2

Discharging platform: Right of tank,made of aluminum,include control valve and tool box

Discharging valve:     2 sets 4 inches API valve

Pneumatic control valve:  2 sets pneumatic control button,and 1 set master control button

Oil vapour recycle:           2 sets oil vapour recycle valve for each compartment,and 2 adapter connector

Overfill prevention:           5 wires,2 sets overflow device for each compartment

C. Other spare part

Ladder:                             Non-slip, at the rear of tank, one unit

Top protective device:      Manual movable guardrail, made of aluminium alloy

Pipeline box:                     On both sides of the tank

Option pipeline:                4'' x 5m white and transparent hosepipe(3 units)

Mudguard:                        Rubber or aluminum alloy

Extinguisher:                    kg dry-chemical fire extinguisher,2 units

Lighting:                           LED lights-24 volts to be provided at both sides and rear of the tanker

Walkway:                          Non-slip walkway to be provided at the top of the tanker

D. Trailer chassis

Crossbeam:                     16Mn by automatic welding process

Axle:                                 BPW 13Ton,FUWA or other axle brand optional

Landing leg:                     JOST 24Ton double action landing gear

Tires and steel ring:         12.00R22.5 tubeless with rim x 12

King Pin:                          JOST 50#

Suspension:                     BPW air suspension

Dongte Aluminum Alloy Tank Leading Points:

•     1st to design, manufacture and distribute aluminium alloy tanker in China

•     1st to introduce and applied ADR (ECE) Safety Technology in transportable fuel tanker in China

•     1st to own >65% market share in aluminum thanker market share in China

•     1st and major suppliers for aluminium tankers of SINOPEC, SINO CHEM, BP, ESSO and PETROL

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