• Mercedes Benz actros primier mover with 29CBM HCL tank semi-trailer

Name:Mercedes Benz actros primier mover with 29CBM HCL tank semi-trailer
Tanker capacity:30,000 Liters
Tanker material:PE lined steel
Tanker compartment:Per clients required
Tank medium:HCL,NaOH,dilute sulfuric acid
No.of axle:3 axle BPW
Tire specification:6 units of 385/65R22.5

Product Description

Mercedes Benz Actros premier mover couple with 30CBM HCL tanker semi-trailer

Our company Yuchai Dongte special Purpose Automobile co.,Ltd is professional on kinds of chemical tanker,and fuel tanker.Such as HCL tank semi-trailer,HCL tank container,Sulfuric acid tank trailer,sulfuric acid tank container,H2SO4 tanker,hydrochloric acid tank semi-trailer,NaOH tank semi-trailer,sodium hydroxide,caustic soda tanker,etc.

This special chemical liquid have strong corrosive substance,so that we can not use steel tanker to loaded.

Our company have the special technology of rotational moulding.This rotational moulding technology can make the PE polyethylene powder adhere to the steel tanker.The PE layer lined steel tanker have strong anti-corrosive character.

The specifications for 30CBM PE lined steel HCL tank semi-trailer

Dimension: 12000mmx2500mmx3700mm(L*W*H)

Tanker volume:20M3-40M3

No of axle: 3x13T axle FUWA

Tire size: 12.00R22.5,total 12 tires

Tanker material

1) Outside:Tank body is made of high quality Q235A 5mm carbon steel,5mm sheel cover

2) Inside:Use lozenge strengthened net,lined with 16mm PE(polyethylene),all plastic baffle installed

3)  2pcs plastic lined steel inlets, 2 pcs plastic air valves, DN80mm outlet valve at each side of rear tanker

Internation ladder at front and rear of tanker.Top of tanker use SBS asphalt anti-corrosion layer.

Tanker semi-trailer accessories

1) Manhole device:Top of tank installed DN500mm plastic lined steel manhole

2) Factory installed standard DN500mm plastic lined steel manhole

3) Unloading valves: 2 pcs plastic DN80mm valves at left and right side of tanker

4) Tanker underground pipeline:4 inch plastic lined steel pipe

5) Oil hose: 2 pcs 8m reel hose

Chassis Frame:

Beam: 16Mn plate

Axle: 3 axle FUWA mechanical axle

Landing leg: JOST 24Ton double action landing leg

Suspension: Leaf spring suspension or Air suspension

Traction pin: 50# or 90#

More photos of our company liquid hydrochloric acid tank semi-trailer 

Benz actros tractor truck with HCL tanker semi-trailer

 3 axle 30,000 Liters Hydrochloric acid solution tank semi-trailer

3 axle 30cbm Hydrochloric acid solution tank semi-trailer

3 axle 30,000 liters Hydrochloric solution tank semi-trailer

3 axle 30,000 liters Hydrochloric solution tank semi-trailer

30,000 liters Hydrochloric acid tank trailer off-road tire

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