• 20ft HCL tank container

Name:20ft HCL tank container
Tanker medium:HCL
Tanker container type:20 Feet
Tanker capacity:18000 Liters
Tank certificate:CCS,ASME

Product Description

20 FT tank container for HCL

As a professional manufacturer,we continuously work to produce all kinds of 20FT Tank Container For Sulfuric acid which meets world standard,includ 20FT Tank Container For Sulfuric acid,CHEMICAL LIQUID TANK,POWDER TANK,LPG TANK and so on.

Tanker nternal strengthen lozenge expanded metal mesh transition,Plastic-lining thickness 16mm anti corrosion  transport Chemical liquid like HCI 32%,NaOH 32%,NaCl. NaClO, Alcohol etc.

HCL tank container specifications

Tank Material:  PE layer lined steel.Outside material is carbon steel 5mm thickness,inner layer material is PE layer,thickness 18mm 

Charge from top of tank

Discharge from bottom of tank

Cubic Capacity 18,000 liter

Tare Weight approx. 4500~5000kg

Max Gross Weight 34,000 kg

Working Pressure 0.4 bar

Test Pressure 0.6 bar

Vacuum Pressure 0.42 bar

External Length 6058 mm

20Cubic Tank Container For HCL picture

HCL tank container

Tank container for HCL

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